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Region in focus - Brittany

One of the towers at 
Fort La Latte

Bretons do not like to consider themselves part of France – much like the Welsh and Scottish relationship with the English (but more so). When driving out of Brittany to the east, it is common to see the department sign obliterated with graffiti - declaring that you are now entering France rather than Normandy.

The coast is spectacular – much like Cornwall – jagged and rocky. The huge tidal range of the north coast makes it particularly striking (watch out for the trivial pursuit question asking which port has the largest tidal range in Europe – it is St Malo)

Many guidebooks talk about the Pink Granite coast being one of the most spectacular in the world. I wouldn't argue. It is incredible that it has not been destroyed with over development. Look at any attractive part of the English coastline and more often than not there will be greasy cafes and amusement arcades a stones throw away. Not so in Brittany. Miles of beautiful beaches, impressive cliffs and no tat at all (or at most, a tiny bit in the recognised seaside resorts).

Every time I go to Brittany (I go there a lot – as often as I can) I find something new about the place that makes me like it even more. Early in August I went to visit my father, who now resides semi-permanently in Dinan. He has a modest terraced house on a cobbled street very close to the centre of the town. As it was his 75th birthday we were looking for a special place to take him for a meal. We read in a (generally very good) guidebook, that a posh restaurant had been set up in the top of an old water tower – in Ploubalay  - not far from Dinan. Restaurant du Chateau d'Eau promised excellent seafood and a wonderful view of the coast.

Restaurant du Chateau d'Eau, Ploubalay

Forte La Latte

On our way back from the wonderful La Latte Fort (on Cap Frehel) we decided to pop in to the water tower restaurant, to check the place out. After our short journey up in the lift we found ourselves in a rather ordinary bar/café – it seems the posh restaurant had come and gone. On the plus side the view was still there. We stayed for an ice cream, a quick coffee, took a walk round the terrace, admiring the view all the way. Later in evening we enjoyed our meal down at the port in Dinan – discussed Cap Frehel and the tower. The water tower is worth a visit – but possibly not for the food!
The Hachette Vacances guidebook  is great for its non-stuffy practical style. Sections are short and punchy. It breaks Brittany up into small  local chunks and picks out the very best things to do and see in each area. It is the book to plan your Brittany holiday - the best I have found. (I help organise a trip to Brittany every Mayday bank holiday for a group of twelve friends - this book helps me look like the expert guide!). For me, many other books either over do the history, or are more suited to being coffee table picture books. This one has good maps, great photos and lots of practical info. The publishers have even negotiated discounts on entry fees of many of the places mentioned. First published in the UK this year (although originally published in France in 1998). Excellent value - and the usual discount from Amazon, makes this book cost no more than a couple of glossy magazines.

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Property In Brittany

Unless you have limitless time (and funds) to visit all the areas of France, a guidebook can be an excellent way of deciding on a region before arranging visits to view property.  Whether you are buying for your main home, or to rent out, the attractions of an area are important. However beautiful your little cottage is - if there is little to do for miles around (Brittany is a big place), you are either likely to get bored, or struggle to find people to rent it from you.

If you have decided Brittany that is the place for you, the following website offers a good selection of properties in the region:

Brittany Property at French Property Links


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