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The Best Creperie in the World 

19th September, 2000

This month has been a tad frustrating. The drive to get more hotels listed has been delayed by one thing after another. Mainly, I have been guilty of underestimating the work involved. This month will be different! In four weeks time there will be a selection to choose from.

Last month I mentioned Dinan's restaurants - below is my favourite. Please note: Creperie des Artisans really is this good and  I haven't been given a penny to say so (or stuffed with free food!)

Please get in touch if you have any questions about Dinan - I know a fair bit about the place and I am more than happy to try to help.

David Frere-Smith  
Hotels in Dinan 

Email: david@hotelsindinan.co.uk


Creperie Des Artisans
Tel: 00 33 296 39 44 10
(from UK)
The best crepes come from Brittany, and the best creperie in the world is in Dinan. 

The Creperie des Artisans is on the prettiest street in Dinan - Rue le Jerzual (which turns into Rue le petit-fort). You will find it half way down the hill, on the way to the old port, just past the Porte du Jerzual (a large fortified gateway to the old town).

The outside is très jolie (as you can see) and the inside is just as good. There is a true rustic atmosphere - old pots, pans, and plenty of lovely old furniture and exposed stone walls. 

I have visited over a dozen times in the last ten years - the proprietor Patrick is always in the kitchen and the same waiting staff serve me every time! 

Menus range from 55FF for a choice of three crepes (savoury and sweet) to 72FF for a choice of four. The "complete" (pronounced complett) is always one of my choices - cheese, ham, and egg - with the yolk sticking out of the top. Yum. If you're lucky Patrick will even entertain you with a burst on his pianola. 

Please note: Creperie des Artisans usually closes for the winter.

Creperie des Artisans


Rue Jerzual

The Port
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